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Residential Lease Application Form

Please scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Continue” to begin the application. Once completed, you will get a confirmation email. You must click the confirmation link in that email to complete the application submission process.

NOTE:  To protect your personal data this form must be completed within 15 minutes.  Gather all your information ahead of time, make sure you have a good Internet connection.

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  1. Income: Income must be at least 3 times the amount of rent. If self-employed or retired, a copy of the previous year’s tax return, W-2, or bank statement is required.
  2. Employment: A prospective tenant must have current, verifiable employment and two years employment history or a verifiable source of income. A full-time student that does not meet all require a co-signer. A co-signer for any applicant must meet all qualifying criteria.
  3. Rental History: Two years of verifiable, prior residency indicating no outstanding debt to the previous landlord and compliance with all items of the lease and community policies is required. Living in a property that is owned by a relative is not adequate for rental verification.
  4. Age: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. All prospective occupants 18 years and older must completely fill out an application and be listed as a resident on the lease
  5. Photo ID: As part of the application, all prospective tenants must provide a photo ID to be included as part of their completed application.
  6. Credit: A Credit Report will be processed from our office for each prospective tenant. If the prospective tenant has prior knowledge of problem credit history, they are encouraged to explain in Section 9 of the Rental Application. Any application approved with a FICO Score less than 600 will require a double deposit.
  7. Application Fee and Security Deposit: A $55.00, non-refundable, application fee for each individual 18 years and older, is due at the time of application. This includes lease guarantors. Security Deposit may also be submitted with the application fee and completed application, but is not mandatory. An accepted application without security deposit and required fees does not entitle the applicant to the property. Certified funds or Money Orders are required. No personal checks will be accepted. Payment available by Zelle to debbie@hoganpark.com through Arlington Park Realtors.
  8. Pet Fees: If the Owner of the property allows pets, a designated Pet Fee is required per pet and is non-refundable. Resident will also be responsible for any damage caused by pets.
  9. Signature: Your signature is required to process your application. Any application submitted without a signature will not be considered.
  10. Disclosure: By law, Real Estate brokers are obligated to make properties available regardless of race, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender, familial status, or national origin.
  11. Causes of automatic rejection of applicants:
    • Prior Eviction
    • Felony Conviction or Conviction of the manufacturing, possession or distribution of any controlled substance
    • Falsifying application
    • Debt owed to previous landlord
    • Fictitious Social Security number
    • Applicant has a Federal Tax lien
    • Non-payment of Application Fee
    • Application is not submitted completely