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“HOGAN PARK, REALTORS helped us find the perfect house when we were relocating from Lubbock. They really know the area and the community.”

- Jeff

“Great schools and great neighbors were important and HOGAN PARK, REALTORS knew where to help us focus our search. Couldn’t have been more pleased with the way things turned out.”

- Tina

“When anything breaks or doesn’t work, the Realtor calls someone to fix it and is there within either minutes or hours. We love renting from these sweet wonderful people”

- Tina

“Thanks a lot for being a great landlady the last two years.”

- Mohammad

Debbie, the view from the windows at the back of my new house, through the trees and onto the lake, never gets old.  Thank you again, so much, for helping me get into this house, and getting my old house sold so fast.

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I’m an engineer so I like to know the details for how things unfold.  From that first day at my kitchen table, you always repeated things to me and showed me how all the math worked out and gave me the translation for what all the forms really meant.  How great is that.

What I liked about you the most, was that you genuinely cared, told me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear, and yet throttled back whenever I clearly expressed a preference for something.

This was so true when you got my old house refurbished for a quick sale.  While I put money into the refurbishing, it was offset with a strong sales price and achieve the thing I wanted the most — a quick sale.  I mean, I got three offers on each of the first three days!  And in the end got even more than the asking price.  That was a tremendous relief.  And I put that down to two things, your expert eye to judge what needs to be done to promote the sale the most, and your super-extensive network of contractors all of whom did an excellent job and at a great price — and often let me roll that into closing.  You are very close the the business, Debbie, but let me emphasize the relief it was, to have trust in this Team Debbie thing to take care of me.

And you STILL gladly take my calls and answer my texts about all kinds of house stuff!

You’ve made me an enthusiast and whenever I hear someone it looking to buy or sell a house, I point them to you.  If you like, you’re welcomed to share this note with someone who is thinking of buying or selling a house with your help.  I hope this note helps them out.

- Dan Stephenson


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